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Crush Cosmetics 11 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set Old price: $75.00 $60.00

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Our Professional quality 11-piece brush set will keep you covered in every scenario, and at an amazing price! Featuring an easy to travel pouch, this luxury set is made with high quality, soft and natural, synthetic hair. Each Brush has been carefully handcrafted so that hairs will not fall out.

The Brush Set includes the following;

  • Powder Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Flat Top Foundation Brush
  • Contour Brush
  • Small Blush Brush
  • Crease Brush
  • Blending Brush
  • Small Eyeshadow Brush
  • Medium Eyeshadow Brush
  • Angled Brow Brush
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Stitched Carry pouch

Vegan Friendly

Absolutely gorgeous brushes in lovely packaging! I was so pleased to see that they came with their own protective netting (something I've seen to cost upwards of $20 on their own).

The brushes themselves were extremely soft, but also very sturdy and the range of brushes is perfect. It has everything I need and for a great price!

This set definitely replaces my Morphe 686 set!
I love these brushes! They are the perfect starter kit. Unfortunately, the smallest eyes brush was broken when I received it and the bag's smell was so weird... it smelled like Ā«chemicalsĀ» sort of. I just couldn't keep the bag and the smallest brush, which made me really sad because these are my favourites brushes ever.
I bought this brush set over a year ago, and OMG.. They are the best brushes i have used, especially the face brushes! They are so incredibly soft, they do not shed at all, and they pick up product nicely and blend it out seamlessly! I never have any issues with streaky foundation or patchy bronzer because these brushes friggen work like a dream! 100% WOULD RECOMMEND.
I bought these brushes to use on my clients and I ended up using them for myself- the face brushes are literally the softest brushes I have ever used- from a MUA, 100% recommend.
I love this set! The brushes don't retain a lot of product so there's minimal wastage, and they are very easy to clean with a little bit of shampoo and a couple of swipes on a washer and they're good to go.
this was one of the best brush sets i have ever invested in its an amazing price for such quality brushes, i really really 100% recommend these brushes from starter to a pro these brushes are fit for anyone!! the quality of the brush hairs are so soft and beautiful they literally leave my face looking flawless. love them!!
Just received these and am super excited!! Their so soft and nice :) however it's so annoying that only a few days after I bought them their 20% off...
I was never able to justify buying myself a pack of lovely makeup brushes, but then i stumbled across these babies. all i can say - best brush set ever! i have been using these brushes daily for almost 6 months and have had no problems with shedding, they help with a beautiful application and have always maintained a perfect shape. highly recommend! they also look gorgeous. Another massive bonus is they are affordable!
Great Quality and very impressed by your products!
I am a makeup artist and I have brought so many expensive brushes over the years but I have to say crush cosmetic brushes are such great quality! they do no shred and they maintain there shape. The application is flawless!! love these brushes!
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