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Z-Palette - extra large $38.00

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The Extra Large Black Z Palette can fit 35 standard pans. The slim and sleek design is a must-have for MUA's and beauty-lovers!

The Z Palette is a patented design and is perfect for display and colour comparison. It features a sleek profile that offers the strength of a plastic palette, while using completely recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

To use, fold the top section completely under the bottom for a space saving feature on your vanity or makeup station. The Z Palette is the only one of its kind that includes both a clear window and an open magnetic base to fit any size eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and even some foundations. Swap out colours as often as you would like!

*Please note shadows made in non-metal pans (for example, MAC de-potted shadows) will need metal stickers to adhere them to the magnetic pan in the Z Palette* 

*Your Z-Palette comes with 20 pcs of Round/Square Metal Stickers

My makeup has never felt so organised! Such a fantastic palette to store all of your makeup in. It's super great that you can rearrange whatever you want to create your own custom palette, definitely helped me out when travelling, as I don't have to take all my individual palettes instead I can use just the one extra large!
My blushes, bronzers and highlighters are all so much more organised now with using my Extra Large Z-Palette. I love that it's so easy to use and super simple to rearrange the palette however you want!
I love Z-Palettes, they turn my makeup collection so much more organised, and they are extremely portable. Not only they work for eyeshadows, they work with other blushes, highlighters and bronzers with flat surface, unless you purchase dome Z-Palette which is thicker than normal one. Definitely recommended for ones who want to organise their makeups.
I actually bought the website out of the XL Z Palettes! :P They are fantastic quality and last so long, very durable and easy to clean! Everyone with an extensive (or even just messy) collection NEEDS Z Palettes!
Fantastic service and excellent turnaround time on Crush Cosmetics' part, I'm just waiting on a restock to purchase more, now!
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