Makeup on the Go

Busy, busy, busy. We are all so busy all the time but that does not mean we have to leave our makeup routine behind. Here are some handy tips to help get you out the door quicker.

Primer. Enough said.

  • No time for foundation? Never fear. Just conceal your inner eye area, either side of your nostrils and anywhere there is a blemish. Blend well and set with a quick dusting of pressed powder (pressed powder is quicker and less messy to use when a gal’s on the rush).
  • Brows, as you get better at them, they’ll only take a second (super worth it, we all know the overall look is much better when we’ve tended to our brows) An eyebrow razor goes a long way in taming those beasts.
  • For the eyes, a quick line on the top lid with eyeliner and a lashing of mascara and eyes are done.
  • One product 3 ways. Eye shadow can be used 3 ways (as can your blush and bronzer). Choose a great colour that suits you (rose pink, coral, peach etc). You can use it to give a quick sweep over the eyelid, apply some to the apple of your cheek for blush then pop some over your lips with a slash of lip balm and you’ve got a lippie too. Gosh, you are so coordinated right now.
  • Lipsticks are great to use as a, well lipstick, of course but double as a cream blush too.

Now go! Get out the door or you’ll miss the bus/the hot guy at the coffee bar/your meeting/________________ fill in the blank.

Got get ‘em Tiger.

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