Face Powders – what are they for and what do they do?

crush face powders

There are so many different types of powders on the market, what are they for and what do they do?  The job of most powders is mainly to set your base before continuing on with the rest of your makeup application.  If you are using a powder foundation, you don’t need to set your foundation with another layer of powder (you’ll just ending up looking chalky and it can also be aging).

Some key points about face powders

  • Using a large powder brush is ideal for application.  Sometimes you’ll find you need to gently pat powder using a foundation sponge to help set the concealing you’ve done on blemishes.
  •  Powder is designed to set your foundation.
  • You don’t need to set your foundation with another powder if you are using a powder foundation, like mineral powder foundation.
  • You can choose either a translucent (no colour) powder or one that matches your foundation and therefore your skin tone.
  • You can use loose or pressed, whichever you prefer however pressed is better to put in your makeup bag when out and about because loose can be a little messy.
  • Rice powders are great for those who are prone to oily skin. Cosmetic grade rice powder holds its weight many times over in shine. Select a shade that matches your foundation and therefore skin tone.  Apply instead of regular face powder to set your foundation/concealer (use a mattifying primer before you apply your base and you’ve doubled your chances of keeping that shine at bay).
  • Illuminating powders can look really pretty because they give the illusion of dewy skin but don’t go overboard with these or it can start to look obviously fake.  You want to hint that this is how fresh and amazing your skin always looks (we never doubted you).
  • Bronzers are a great way to deepen your base colour, especially if your foundation shade appears a little lighter during the summer months.  Matte bronzers are great for daily wear and bronzers with a hint of shimmer are great of evening events.

Double chin?  If you have a double chin, apply some bronzer under your chin and along the jawline, blend well so there are no harsh lines.  This creates the illusion of more shadow and can help conceal that pesky double chin.

So go and have play, see what works for you best and remember, when it comes to powders, less is often more!

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