Scandal Lashes


Scandal Lashes work for any occasion and any eye shape. They are designed to give an extra boost to your natural lashes, making them an ideal choice for work or play.


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Do you know exactly where your mink lashes are coming from? Many companies that sell mink eyelashes claim they are cruelty-free, and that the fur is collected by gentle brushing. Is it true? Ask your mink lash supplier for information about where they get their fur and ask if their products are PETA-approved or if they are planning on getting the approval.

Minks are not domesticated and don’t like to be kept in captivity, they are very territorial. Scandal Lashes lashes are made of human hair and/or synthetic fibres, and we don’t believe in exploiting animals for the sake of beauty.


Scandal Lashes

Game changing cruelty-free lashes, enhance your look with best design and quality lashes by Scandal Lashes. Our false lashes are hand crafted with sterilised human hair and/or synthetic nylon fibre.


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