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Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive Old price: $11.00 $9.35

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Say goodbye to messy glue spills and waiting for glue to dry. The Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive goes on clear and stays clear for an unmistakably sheer appearance that will hold lashes securely in place all day.

Can be used on strip and individual lashes without the commitment. The brush take the guesswork out of application making it precise, simple, and quick.


  • Convenient no mess applicator
  • LATEX-FREE formula goes clear and stays clear

Alcohol, Water (Aqua, Eau), Acrylates Copolymer, Sorbitol.

At first I did not like this product as there was no tackiness to the glue so my lashes wouldn't stick. Later I did realise that you have to apply your lashes immediately and not wait for the glue to dry.
people say this glue burns your eyes
maybe they just put too much on
i LOVE this eye lash glue!
holds your lashes in place for hours!
my friends even lasted over night!
quick drying and dries clear so you can't see and excess
its the only glue ill buy!
I don't have sensitive skin but when I used this glue I had this burning feeling on my eyelids.Only good thing about it is the brush because it allows for easy application.
the glue fumes burn my eyes. wearing makeup all ready it made it run adn i had to remove the lashes and wear none it was a disaster, since then i tried using again with no makeup on and the glue is not the normal tacky type. the glue is watery and goes on clear but when dry is scaly and flakey, looks like crust in your eyes...all up i give this product a 2 i would have given it 0 but the applicator brush made it a little easier to use
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